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Quanta Communications is fueled by Gail Yosh, a marketing communications professional driven by one purpose:

To leave the people she meets better off for knowing her.

Her passion is to help companies discover, articulate, and communicate their purpose through effective marketing communications, and to assist individuals in the areas of personal branding, networking, and presentation skills. Through the years, Gail has worked for and with FORTUNE 500 companies and small businesses to develop promotional materials for products, services, and events and has authored and edited newsletters, fact sheets, white papers, and corporate value propositions. Throughout her career, Gail has helped individuals gain confidence in their written and oral communication skills, inspiring them to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Gail is also an Instructional Specialist at Montclair State University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the areas strategic business communications. She is the faculty advisor of the Feliciano Women in Business organization, and a member of the Marketing Management Association and the Association of Consumer Research. Her research areas of interest are psychological ownership and sustainability in consumer behavior.

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